Orthopedic Hand Care

Dr. Robert Unsell is an expert in the treatment of hand, thumb, elbow and bicep disorders. Utilizing advanced surgical and non-surgical techniques, Dr. Unsell and his team provides relief from the pain, swelling and debilitating effects of an arthritis.

Sports Injuries

When an injury to the hand, wrist or elbow occurs, look to Dr. Robert Unsell for a customized a treatment plan, designed to bring relief and promote total healing.

Spider Bite Treatment

Dr. Robert Unsell provides treatment for venomous spider bites with a revolutionary technique that neutralizes the spider’s toxic venom.

We’re Open!

Here at Dr. Robert Unsell’s office, we take the health and safety of our patients and staff very seriously. Rest assured, we are following all guidelines set forth by the CDC. This means our team is well trained and prepared to go above and beyond to keep you safe. Only patients will be allowed in our office, and we will take your temperature once you arrive. Please wear a mask if you have one. We’re looking forward to seeing you and hearing about your COVID adventures. We’ve missed you all! Stay safe!

Hand Care

Restore your hand function today! Robert Unsell, MD offers cutting-edge & innovative treatment to get you back to work & living your best life.

Pain-Free Procedures with PRO-NOX™

PRO-NOX™ is an inhaled analgesic system that gently yet instantly alleviates anxiety, pain, and discomfort during in-office procedures.

The system uses a safe, non-habit-forming mixture of oxygen and nitrous oxide that is self-administered, giving you control over the level of relief you receive. Effects are felt instantly but only last for about 5 minutes (with no trace remaining in the body after 10 minutes) with zero side effects!

PRO-NOX™ can be added to in-office procedures (such as suture removals and steroid injections) for $50 per office visit(not covered by insurance). Call us to purchase yours today!

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“It gives me great pleasure to be able to thank you for giving me my life back. I will now be able to move forward and create a life worth living. You are tremendously kind, talented and patient. Thank you for all you've done for me!”

Laura Wolf

Wrist Patient

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