Waves of Calm to Help Unlock the Real You

People often describe RASHA experiences as transcendent, deeply meditative, and rejuvenating. But the true benefits far exceed simple relaxation. In fact, when the heart and brain are in alignment, patients find decreased inflammation in the body, increased intuition, imagination, focus, concentration and memory as well as autonomic nervous system regulation.

Additional benefits include:

  • Increases energy levels
  • Reduces physical pain
  • Decreases stressors
  • Creates a sense of joy while clearing grief and depression
  • Improves overall emotional and spiritual well-being
  • Harmonizes and balances all chakra energy centers
  • Clears negative blockages
  • Transforms negative habitual patterns whether current or from the past
  • Balances both hemispheres of the brain and improves mental focus
  • Cleanses and purifies the blood
  • Improves the cell wall absorbency, which facilitates the intake of nutrients and the elimination of waste
  • Relief from electro-smog and geopathic stress

What is the Rasha Procedure?

Once the device is turned on, it transmits frequencies through a set of headphones. The Scalar-Plasma coil technology harmonizes the body’s autonomic nervous system (ANS) via rife frequencies while targeting brain wave states that allow the ANS to move from the fight-or-flight response to a relaxed state.

A set of frequencies is carefully chosen for the type of health condition you are experiencing, and are transmitted into the scalar coils and plasma gas tubing to pinpoint and release the stressors of the specific health condition held in your morphogenetic energy field. This then releases those stressors from the body and replaces them with a new pattern surrounding every affected cell, organ and body system.

How Does it Work?

RASHA is a true scalar plasma energy device with the most advanced Base-12 “Consciousness-Coherence” frequency collection that protects, enhances, and harmonizes the autonomic nervous system by releasing stressors, transmuting negative habitual patterns and emotional trauma, while supporting cellular communication, protection from 5G radiation, electro-smog and geopathic stress.

This revolutionary device uses morphogenetic scalar plasma energy reprogramming. This is an idea not based on the laws of Newtonian physics, but rather a larger set of multi-dimensional morphogenetic field physics impacting the cells on a quantum level. This allows for the repatterning of the morphogenetic fields surrounding every cell, organ and system of the body.

The Base-12 frequencies effectively harmonize the brain more than binaural beats, while also acting as corrective messages to the DNA. This vital information is delivered directly to the cells via its natural language – longitudinal, magnetic Scalar waves. This process impacts the cells and DNA on a quantum infrasound level, allowing for the reprogramming and harmonization of the “morphogenetic” (energy) fields surrounding every cell, organ and system of the body.

Dr. Unsell Rasha Testimonial

Quote from Dr. Unsell


“Our standard brain wave state is beta – chaotic and disjointed. RASAH helps brain waves go into an alpha state, which is a state of relaxation. This is something that we can already do, but many of us have forgotten how. What we’re doing here is helping people realize and remember that they can tap into this state whenever they want.”

– Dr. Robert Unsell

Given the nature of The RASHA, ideal clients take their healing journey seriously, viewing health attainment as a co-creative process. We believe self-sovereignty and self-awareness are driving forces in self-healing, and the RASHA is the amplifier for powerful, self-induced transformations.

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The system uses a safe, non-habit-forming mixture of oxygen and nitrous oxide that is self-administered, giving you control over the level of relief you receive. Effects are felt instantly but only last for about 5 minutes (with no trace remaining in the body after 10 minutes) with zero side effects!

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Meet the Doctor

After graduating from Loma Linda School of Medicine Dr. Unsell spent more than a decade serving at Loma Linda in several positions including the Assistant Professor of Orthopedics as well as the Assistant director of the Hand Fellowship Program. He has been involved with the training of 35 hand fellows, 15 of which now hold academic teaching positions.

“My brain loved it, I genuinely feel more intelligent, more coherent, more focused, and more present within myself and with others.”

“With Rasha I could see and feel. I could feel the healing sensations… I can see myself very rapidly achieving whatever I wish to work on… The winter smugness is gone and by body feels like spring now.”

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